The Beckenham Wildflower arrangement
The Beckenham Wildflower arrangement
The Brockley Botanist

The Beckenham Wildflower arrangement

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The Brockley Botanist's beautiful 'Beckenham' arrangement. 

One of the true un-sung heroes of South East Parks, Beckenham Park Place features the very best of what a city's green space has to offer. Undulating hills, towering aged trees, a beautiful swimming pond and amazing vintage and boutique fairs hosted at the main house. 

With a colour palette of warming pinkish and purple tones, the Beckenham was created in celebration of those everlasting woodlands, the thick trunks which create so many hiding places for small feet to discover and towering canopies that block out the light above, creating a hidden wonderland beneath.

What's in the box?

 Red Eucalyptus, Purple Amaranth, Pampas, bleached Wheat and Palmspears.


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