The Athens Candle
The Athens Candle
The Athens Candle
The Athens Candle
The Athens Candle

The Athens Candle

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BlokCandl's unique, handmade candle "the Athens" is inspired by sculpture and the art of Greece. At Blokcandl HQ, each candle is lovingly made to order in London and no two are the same. 

Candles come in a variety of colours. Please see Pantone colour reference. Please note, due to each candle being made by hand, colours may vary slightly. 

• 1 candle

• Pure cotton wick, un-bleached
• Candles are unscented
• 15cm x 5.5cm

• Burn time - up to 2-3 hours
• Please note that due to the nature of soy wax, a slight chalk can gather on the candles. Please wipe clean with a finger or cold damp cloth.

Safety information:
• Never leave a burning candle unattended
• Leave 10cm distance between your burning candles
• Do not burn in a draft
• Place candle upright
• Place on a safe and heatproof surface

This product is brought to you by BlokCandl, official partner of Peckham Curated and therefore qualifies for free local delivery to customers in SE15,4,5,14.      

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