About Us

Put simply, we curate those who locally create. 

Our platform enables the people of London to sell local, buy local and reduce their carbon footprint. 

We exist to make hyper-local, beautiful products available to all whilst growing the best independent brands & products across our Catchment areas.

Our goal is for Catchment Curated to be the go to marketplace for all local residents' gifting, purchasing & browsing needs. 

We list all our products at the RRP, so you don't need to worry about finding cheaper elsewhere. 


We are a local, Dulwich based, husband and wife who strongly believe that everything you need is on your doorstep, you just can't see it yet. 


Finding those perfect pieces for you, your home and your friends & family can be tough. Add to that the desire to source these goods locally & we really do need a helping hand.
All too often these items are sitting in a dreamy little shop or a thriving home office only a stone's throw away from you. Either you have no knowledge of these products or when you do your hectic life doesn't allow you to access them. 

So, in despair, we revert back to the convenient solution of another global market place, defeated, with no visibility of the supply chain, not to mention the endless & unnecessary packaging & transportation. 

Sound familiar?

That’s where Catchment Curated comes in. We’re here to make sure you can discover beautiful gifts for yourself & others whilst getting that warm fuzzy feeling of supporting your community & the certainty of minimal carbon footprint thanks to our transparent supply chain. 


Our platform empowers sellers to do what they love and helps buyers find what they love by increasing the visibility of businesses and the awareness of customers. 

Buyer: We understand that customers want to discover these beautiful and unique products through an intuitive experience that supports local brands, makers & their community. Our marketplace is therefore a vibrant community of real people connecting over special goods. Our search tools help buyers explore all the special one-of-a-kind items offered by local sellers. Our team constantly curate new & exciting brands and products in the local area. We’re making it easy for our customers to find the right piece for their home, wherever in their catchment area it may be hiding. We want to help them discover more local things, not just more things.

Keeping those connections safe, fun and secure is our priority, and we’re always on hand to help. 

Seller: With low commission, powerful tools, support and education, we help creative entrepreneurs start, manage, and scale their businesses. 
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