The Brockley Botanist

Peckham Curated proudly presents Brockley based cousins Charlotte and Sophie who offer the most amazing dehydrated wildflower arrangements.

The Brockley Botanist was born from of a love of plants and flowers and their power to soothe during the 2020 lockdown. But with many florists closing, high quality, beautiful flower bouquets became harder to come by and they started to question the value and sustainability of buying freshly cut flowers every few weeks.

They sought an equally beautiful, longer-lasting and ultimately better value for money offering.                                                

'We were aware of the stigma of dried flowers as being a bit retro and a bit limp and brown in colour. However, we swiftly realised that if you sourced good quality flowers and curated the right colour schemes, we could create beautiful arrangements that bring all the beauty of fresh flowers but last years with proper care'. 

Cut flowers are an incredible way to decorate your home, to gift, to lift the spirits or to bring the beauty of the outside, inside. 

Their mission is to bring a more sustainable, longer-lasting and ultimately better value for money option than buying fresh flowers regularly through dehydrated flowers. When looked after, their bunches can last for years, so they truly are an investment that will keep delivering over and over compared to a fresh bunch which will wither after 10 days or so.

As South East Londoners, they are huge lovers of the area's unrivalled green spaces and thus all of their arrangements are inspired by and named after the parks in the area.