Opali London

Dulwich Curated is proud to present Opali and founder, the lovely Lauren Dean, resident of East Dulwich.

Lauren was inspired by the notion that a candle should be so much more than just that. She believes that candle vessels should be beautifully designed objects that will live far beyond their lifespan as a candle. Her mission was to apply the same intense attention to detail and quality to both the vessel and the wax and fragrances that fill it.

Opali London fuses a playful yet minimalist design aesthetic with story-telling fragrances and a sustainable approach.

Having tried various methods to produce the unique vessel, she landed on the highly specialised Fine Bone China slip-casting method. Each item is handmade by master craftsmen in Stoke-on-Trent, home of the UK pottery industry for centuries.

The fragrances, are mixed to a unique recipe, designed to evoke specific memories and stories. The candles are then hand-poured in Dulwich, using Soy Wax, chosen for its clean burn and Vegan properties. 

Commitment to sustainability is at the core of Opali. Opali candles are poured in vessels designed for life, and the boxes are FSC certified and fully recyclable.

Lauren, founder of Opali, hand pours her gorgeous candles in East Dulwich.