Five Dot Botanics

Leading a minimalist skincare revolution.

Dulwich Curated is proud to present the highly exciting, gender-neutral, minimalist, vegan skincare brand straight out of SE23 led by residents Zaffrin and Brian.

Five Dot Botanics started with a question. Why are there so many ingredients in skincare products?
Which lead to another. What happens if we only have five ingredients
Not 20, not 30, certainly not 100. 

Just 5.

Turns out when those 5 ingredients are high-quality, plant-based ingredients, the answer is quite a lot. Your skin gets to feel less overwhelmed, less confused. It gets to look and feel stronger, healthier and happier.

Five Dot Botanics helps you minimise the ingredients in your skincare and offer you transparency about what goes on your skin. 

Zaffrin and Brian wanted to help people have healthy happy skin using less. We embrace slow beauty and encourage pared back skincare routines. With just six products, they can see you through from morning to night, from deep cleansing to deeply nourishing.  When you don’t overwhelm your skin, when you feed it good stuff, then it seems to thrive well with less.

Low consumption beauty: using fewer products, making products multi-purpose and longer-lasting, and using any resource from water to ingredients more wisely.

Five Dot Botanics are an independent British brand, working with a highly experienced British formulation team and a British manufacturer. They are so confident in their products they offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee!


The team use recyclable, reusable and biodegradable products in their packaging. They avoid using plastic wherever possible an are actively looking to reduce this to zero usage.

Check out their minimal ingredient, plant based skincare range below.