Burning Soul London

Burning Soul was founded by Nunhead resident, Steve Hamilton. A musician by trade, he started making candles during lockdown as a way to nourish his body and mind whilst the music industry shuddered to a halt. 

Community, sustainability and quality have always been important to Steve and it is upon these core foundations that he created Burning Soul.

Burning Soul believe in simple, yet elegant candles that provide a high-quality burn. Candles are made following these key principles:

COMMUNITY: All glass is sourced within half a mile; from local pubs, friends and neighbours, thereby reducing wastage and the carbon footprint of mass recycling.

SUSTAINABILITY: As well as locally sourced glass, all soy wax is farmed from sustainable sources and production has in no way contributed to deforestation. All products and packaging are plastic free, cruelty free and vegan!

QUALITY: 330g candles will burn for 70-90 hours, the smaller 150g ones will burn for 35-45 hours. 

Save our Souls initiative!

Steve and team are offering discounted refills to local customers on all candles - which means you’ll get 25% off the price of your next candle, making them £10.50 & £16.50. All you need to do is save the packaging tube and the candle holder.
Simply email soulman@burningsoullondon.co.uk and they will tell you where to drop them off. Once refilled, polished and labelled, they will deliver them back to you free of charge.

Please note that they can only refill using the same scent, and deliver to local customers in the Dulwich (SE21,22,23) and Peckham (SE15,14,5,4) catchments.